Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter

First House:  The native should flow Mustard oil, Almonds and Coconut in River or Canal. He should wear a Gold chain always. He should wear a Kesar Tilak on his forehead.

Second House: The native should keep his character fair and keep away from vices. He should wear a Haldi or Kesar Tilak on forehead.  If there are Potholes in front of home then he should fill them and make the road plain.

Third House:  The native should serve little girls and worship  Maa Durga. With their blessings his life will become comfortable.

Fourth House:  The native should appease lord Ganesha and Maa Durga. He should keep a Black Dog in his house and serve him heartedly.

Fifth House:  The native should donate Grey Flag every Tuesday for 43 Tuesdays in Lord Ganesha’s Temple.  He should appease Lord Ganesha. He should keep a Braid (Choti) on his head. He should keep the Place of Worship always clean.

Sixth House:  The native should daily water a Peepal Tree. He should donate 6 kilos of Chana Daal in a Temple on Thursday.

Seventh House:  The native should appease Lord Shiva. He should keep Pieces of Red Sandalwood in a Red Cloth. He should not wear a Gold Chain.

Eighth House:  The native should donate Kabuli Chana or Chanaa Daal in a Temple.  He should wear a Yellow thread in neck and should wear Gold Ornaments.  He should sow a Peepal Plant in Funeral Place.

Ninth House:  The native should go to temple everyday.  He should take bath in Holy Ganges. He should go for religious travels frequently. He should serve Saints.

Tenth House:  The native shall get benefit only if the placement of Saturn is good or else he should flow Copper Coin in River or Canal for 43 days in continuation.  He should flow four kilos of jaggery in River or Canal on a Sunday. At the time of Solar Eclipse he should donate Iron nails, Mustard oil, Almonds, Coconut, Black Cloth, Black sesame seeds.

Eleventh House:  The native should keep away from vices and offer regular prayers. He should donate Coffin.

Twelfth House:  The native should water Banyan or Peepal Tree everyday.  He should serve Sadhus, Brahmins and his father in order to get his luck grow. He should wear Kesar Tilak and keep a Braid (Choti) on his head.