Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars

First House:   The native should take help from articles related to Sun and Moon for propitiating mars. If Jupiter is in ninth house or eleventh house then articles related to Jupiter will help. And if Venus is in Seventh house then articles related to venus shall help the native.

Second House:  The native should flow Rewris in the water.  He should ideally do work related to Electricity. He should keep good relations with brothers which will help him stay wealthy. 

Third House:  The native should keep articles made of Elephant Tooth in his house. He should wear white clothes. He should wear a Silver Ring in his left hand.

Fourth House:   The native should Wash Four kilos of Rice with Milk should flow them in a Holy River like Ganges. This will end the suffering of the Native. He should wear a Ring made by combination of Three Metals viz. Gold, Silver, Copper.

Fifth House:  The native should keep water near his head while sleeping and next morning should offer the same to a plant or else drink himself.  He should sow a Neem plant in his home.

Sixth House:  The native should worship little girls to end the evil of Mars. He should donate Silver and Rice.

Seventh House:  The native should keep a Solid ball of Silver in his pocket.  He should offer sweets to his aunts, sister or sister in laws. But he should never give them clothes even as gift. He should try to strngthen his Saturn by building a house or a wall. He should never sow any climber plants in his home.

Eighth House:  The native should wear a Ring made from combination of three metals viz. Gold, Silver and Copper. He should offer Tandoori Rotis to Dogs.

Ninth House:  The native should keep a Red Handkerchief in his pocket. He should visit Lord Hanuman’s temple every Tuesday and offer him Chola. He should obey his elder brother and his wife and should serve them heartedly.

Tenth House:  The native should worship Lord Hanuman and should read  Sundar Kaand without any break. He should eat sweet food.  He should keep a Deer and take care of him. He should take care that the Boiling Milk never falls on Earth in the kitchen.

Eleventh House:  The native should worship Lord Hanuman. He should keep a black and white dog. He should keep Honey and Sindoor in an Earthen Pot and keep it safe in home.

Twelfth house:   The native should not keep Blunt Sword or Knife in his home.  He should distribute Prasad of Badaana on Tuesday in Lord Hanuman Temple.