Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon


First House:   The native should give water to Banyan Tree everyday.  Fix  Copper Nails in all the Four Legs of the Bed. During Travel if possible throw a Copper Coin in Flowing Water.

Second House:  The native should take Rice and Silver from his mother as Gift and Wrap them in White Cloth and keep them safe. He should burry a Silver Brick in the Foundation of the House while building it.

Third House:   The native should donate Rice, Milk and Silver if a Daughter or Sister is born in the Family and Wheat, Millet, Jaggery, Gold If a Brother or Son is born in the Family. He should keep a Horse or a Partridge for benefic results.  He should Worship Goddess Durga.

Fourth House:   The native should never Sell Milk. Instead he should Offer Milk as a Gift, Especially to Mother or other females in the family.

Fifth House:   The native should Flow Rice and Sugar Cubes wrapped in White Cloth on Monday.

Sixth House:   The native should serve his parents heartedly.  He should donate Jaggery, Millet, Gold, Copper, Red Cloth, Yellow Cloth, Religious Books, Umbrella in a Temple.  He should drink Milk only in Day time not at the Night. Should not donate Milk.

Seventh House:  The native should wear Silver and Pearls.  He should marry only after the age of 24 and not before it. He should always appease Lord Shiva by offering daily Prayers.

Eighth House:  The native should take Rice and Silver from Mother and keep it safe in a Box, preferably a Silver Box. The native should serve elders and children by washing their feet himself. He should Bury  a bottle full of milk  at a Desolate Place.

Ninth House:  The native should go to Temple Daily and should do regular payers. And should keep his Character Fair and free from blemishes.

Tenth House:  The native should not drink Milk at night. Should respect and serve Teachers. Should offer Bananas, Cream Colored Clothes, Religious Books to Brahmins.

Eleventh House:  The native should wear Pearl in a Silver Ring. He should offer “Pedas” (Indian Sweet dish made by Milk) to 11 children.  He should Donate 11 Kilos of Milk to 11 People (1 Kilo to each Person) in Kaali Temple.

Twelfth House:  The native should drink only Filtered Water and never should consume water which is not clean. Keep Rain Water Stored in a Silver Container.