Lal Kitab Remedies for Saturn

First House: The native should donate Sabut Urad, Mustard Oil, Almonds, Iron Nails, Black Cloth on Saturday. He should keep a monkey in his home. He should water a Banyan Tree everyday. He should donate an Angithi.

Second House: The native should not put Black Oil or Mustard oil on his Face or Head. He should drink mik and eat curd regularly. He should make confessions before God by visiting a temple regularly for 43 days.

Third House: The native should fix Iron Nails on the Entry Step of the home. He should make a Dark Room without windows in last part of his house and keep Black Cloth, Iron, Sesame Seeds, Mustard Oil, Almonds in it. He should keep a Black and White Dog at home.

Fourth House: The native should offer milk and rice to Crows. He should throw Rice and Milk in a Deep Well. He should donate Mustard oil, Sabut Urad Daal, Iron Nails and Black Cloth on Saturdays.

Fifth House: The native should Store Precious metals and wealth at one place. And not scatter here and there in home. Better keep in one Locker only. He should keep Copper, Red Cloth, Wheat, Barley in Western Direction of his home.

Sixth House: The native should flow Coconut and Almonds in River or Canal. He should keep a Black Dog at home. He should put an Earthen pot full of mustard oil under the soil near a River or a Pond on a Dark Night. Amavasya is best.

Seventh House: The native should fill a Flute with Jaggery and bury it in a desolate place. Always keep a Pot full of Honey at home.

Eighth House: The native should flow Eight Kilos of Milk in a River on a Saturday. He should wear Silver and keep away from all kind of vices. He should add Milk to water while taking a bath.

Ninth House: The native should not keep Grass or Wood at the Roof of his house. Specially a Bamboo Stair if present should be removed. He should construct a Dark Room at the end of his home. He should not keep broken furniture at home.

Tenth House: The native should flow Sabut Urad Daal in River or Canal on Saturday. He should appease Lord Ganesha. He should offer food to Ten Blind people every Saturday.

Eleventh House: The native should throw Mustard Oil and Liquor on Earth at Sunrise for 43 days. He should donate Liquor to Eleven Beggars every Saturday.

Twelfth House: The native should keep himself away from all vices. He should not speak lies. He should keep twelve almonds wrapped in a black cloth in a dark store without windows. He should take care of his eyes.