Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun

First House:  The native should marry at an early age. If he builds a place for Drinking Water (Pyau) for public then he will get good results.

Second House:  The native should not take Grains like Wheat or Millet from anyone. Donate Coconut, Almonds and Mustard Oil on Saturday. Don’t take Milk, Silver, Rice or White Cloth even as Gift from anyone.

Third House:  The native should keep his Character Fair. He should take care of Poor Children by donating them Food and Clothes. Take blessings of Mother and Grand Mother.

Fourth House:  The native should Donate for the well being of Blind People. Not just money but the native should also serve them Food himself.  He should Stay away from Meat and Liquor. 

Fifth House:  The Native should Donate Food to Red Faced Monkeys. Do not speak bad about anyone. Don’t speak Lie.

Sixth House:  The native should Donate Gram and Jaggery to Red Faced Monkeys.  Keep Gangajal in place of Worship at home. Keep Water near head while sleeping at night.

Seventh House:  The native should Serve  Brahmins or  Black or Dark Brown Cows by means of donation or helping them physically. Bury Seven Square Pieces of Copper inside Earth. Start any Work after Drinking Water.

Eighth House: the native should  Donate 8 Kilos of Jaggery and 8 Kilos of Wheat for 8 days in the Temple.  Serve a White Cow.  Don’t keep the Entrance Gate of the house in South Direction.

Ninth House:  The native should Always Store and keep as much Rice, Milk , Water and Silver as one can. And should never donate the same to anyone.  He may take these articles from others as gift though.

Tenth House:  The native should not Wear Black or  Blue Clothes. Wear White or Red Clothes instead.  Give away 10 Pieces of Round Copper Coins in Flowing Water.

Eleventh House:  The native should Buy a Goat from the Butcher and leave him where it can live safe.  The native should not consume Meat or Liquor.

Twelfth house:  The native should offer Jaggery and Gram to Monkeys. He should offer prayers to Sun by offering him Arghya.  He should  live in a house which has lots of Natural Light and Ventilation.