Lucky Gemstones by Astrology

Gemstones have fascinated the humans since ages. They have been used not just for jewellery purposes to adorn but also for providing strength to the weak planets in horoscope according to Astrology. 

Gemstones are a popular astrological remedy used not just by Vedic Astrologers but also by Western Astrologers around the world.

If the Lord of a Benefic house is posited in a Bad house or is weak either by the conjunction or aspect of Malefic planets. It is suggested to wear the gemstone of that planet to provide strength to the same. So that the significations of the house it owns or of which it is natural significator of Improves. 

The Lucky gemstones should be ideally worn in the Mahadashas ( Main Period )  or Antardashas ( Sub Period ) of the planets. Wearing the lucky gemstones proves highly beneficial to the person. Even if the said planet is strong, it is suggested to wear the lucky gemstone related to it, in order to gain positive results in the mahadasha or antardasha of the said planet. 

The weight of the gemstone is suggested by judging the strength of the planet. Weaker the planet, heavier the gemstone is required.  Moreover the quality of gemstone also matters. The gemstones of very high quality can be worn in little weights. 

Both Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones are used as an astrological remedies to strengthen planets. As precious gemstones are very expensive nowadays, many people can not afford them. Wearing a Good Quality Semi Precious Gemstone as an alternative gives better results than the low quality Precious Gemstones. 

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