Priyanka Chopra reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

Apart from my Job in a private company in New Delhi, I wanted to become a model. But I was not getting a break despite good efforts. My colleague Ranjana gave me reference of Baba Ji and I thought I should give it a chance. He observed my kundli and told me that I should wear a diamond in my left hand middle finger and I shall get a break in three months in my venus dasha. I wore a diamond then as he told me and his prophecy came true. I got a break in a Fashion Show after just a month of start of my Venus period. Vedic Astrology can be so perfect !

Riddhi Yadav reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

My friends in London told me about Baba Ji. With my own experience I would like to recommend him. It was a pleasure meeting him on my visit to my paternal village in Haryana. Genuine astrologer in India who could solve my problems in personal life. And he is so famous around the world ! I feel great we have such famous astrologers in Haryana. I would like to Thank him sincerely.

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Astrologer Phone
  • Kumar Sanjeev Singh
  • Pardeep Thakran
  • Saleem Pasha
  • Alaska Kamboj


Sanjay Sarraf reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

Few Big deals were in a Fix and I and Dad went to Baba Ji ( Our Family Astrologer since 2000 ). I wore the blue sapphire and dad wore the diamond as suggested. We got those Orders which we were anticipating. He is one of the best astrologers in Delhi. My kind regards.


Astrologer Phone God bless.
Dheeraj Shekhawat reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

23 March

Best Online Astrologer in Delhi. Nice and kind person. It was comfortable to share my problem as he is friendly. He told me to donate for education of girl child for rahu shanti which had evil eye upon my moon. I helped kids of my maid and now I feel that my worries are over. I will continue helping them as advised.


Rajinder Malhotra reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

9 March

Best Astrologer in Delhi. I have been to many astrologers. But he has that special thing inside him which I would like to share with my neighbors, friends and family. Divine Spark.


Harikrishan Kaushik reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

He has always kept my problems confidential and given me day to day insights with astrology. I respect him even if he is younger than I. He has been a Guiding Force for me in my journey of business success. I follow his advice sincerely.


Ankur Gupta reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

I take his astrological suggestion since 6 years. Best astrologer in gurgaon

Sonia Kapoor reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

I recommend him as the best astrologer in India. If anyone of you has any problem in life then you should consult Baba Ji. My family had lots of problems which got cured by following the astrological remedies prescribed by him.

Shipra Khanna reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

I met him through one of our relative’s reference few years back. I had some worries regarding my career and personal relationship that point of time. His consultation did wonders for me. I did all the remedies of Vedic Astrology prescribed by him. And soon there was a gradual change appear in my life. I thank him so much. He is indeed a great astrologer.

Rahul Kilhore reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

baba ji ke upay kaam aye. all good is happening after i followed his guidance.

great astrologer. very good prediction.

Shobha Devi reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

बाबाजी के आशीर्वाद से मेरा जीवन ही सुधर गया | मैं सदैव आभारी हूँ बाबाजी की | ऐसे गुरु महाराज जी तो बड़ी ही किस्मत से मिलते हैं जी |

Samantha Salazar reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star

Sh. Brijender Ji is a great astrologer. I am so impressed by him.


Annu Kamboj reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star
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Nina Oberoi reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star
Munish Kamboj reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star
Rajesh Kumar reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star
Veena Maini reviewed Astrologer Phone – 2 star
Rudhr Sharma reviewed Astrologer Phone – 5 star